Wednesday, August 11, 2010

legs of a runner, arms of a...

runner. Yeah. Not really getting much attention, my upper body. At least it wasn't until this week.

Since I can only run every other day, and I already walk a fair bit, I needed another exercise to do on my between run days for the Awesome August challenge.

So, I've restarted the hundred pushups challenge, and completed week one earlier today. My upper body ached on Sunday night, kicking in from the first lot of pushups. Did a total of 108 pushups over the 3 days, another 5 weeks and I might will be doing that many in a row. Should make my swim-speed a bit more impressive at Center Parcs!

I've noticed my leg muscles looking, well, more muscle-y in recent weeks, hope I can see changes in my arms soon too. Even at healthy weight I've always wanted more toned upper arms. Hopefully now I'm actually doing the work, I will finally get them.

So far I've exercised 9/10 days. Well on my way to achieving my goal for the month.

Aside from my exercising, I've had a decent enough week. Drank 104 glasses of water (26 litres) over the week, my aim was 98. I've run 12k. I've walked several hours. I've stayed wheat free. I've had an average net daily intake of 1790 calories. Higher than I wanted, lower than last week. I am hoping for a loss anyway. Think the twins are taking a fair few calories to feed still!

Weighed the halflings on the Wii earlier, and saw that they have all gained a lb each in the last month or so. The boys have both grown an inch too.

The twins are now both around 27lbs, nicely inside their BMI zones. I really hope that they are able to stay there. To be obese/overweight as a child must make losing weight as an adult even harder. If it's all you'd ever known, how would you know what you were aiming for?

If I can go a lb further than hitting my goal of 169 and an 'overweight' BMI by September, I'll have lost 54lbs from my Sept 2008 start weight. That's now the equivalent weight of my daughters. To walk into the pool holding them on each hip, rather than waddle in with the equivalent flab around each hip, will be a fantastic victory.

This isn't forever, just for the rest of my life...

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  1. I can't do a push-up to save my life so I felt compeled to leave a comment about how fab you are!

    love your blog