Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Yeti, the abdominal-grow-man

Week 1 (aug 15) - 273
Week 2 (aug 22) - 267

Sam has been overweight for as long as I have. Though I've always known he's been too big, I hadn't really paid attention to it since we got married. Just being tall makes it less obvious, or I was just as pig ignorant of the changes in his body as he was those that went on in mine.

Before our wedding he dropped around 50lbs by calorie counting. Followed weightwatchers with me after we lost our first baby and got to his goal again. Since then though he's declined any offers to join me in losing weight. Until now.

All of his trousers are too small. He'd thought his suit trousers were too big as they were falling down, and assumed they were a 38. Turns out they are 42 and not fitting over his gut. Measured his waist last Sunday and it was 46". That convinced him to get on the Wii. He thought he was 18 stone (252lbs) I thought closer to 20 (280).

Weighed in at 19st 7lb (273lb) at 6ft 4.5" that is a BMI of 32.8. Higher than mine! That shocked him. He needs to be 14 stone 12lb (208lbs) to be at the top end of a 'healthy' BMI. 65lbs to lose, over 20% of his body weight.

After a week of counting calories (or letting me count/weigh/measure every thing he eats) he weighed in today at 267lb. Down 6lb in a week, and eating 1900 calories a day. His waist is down to 43" already. Very pleased to have him join me in my our quest to give our kids, and each other, a healthy, happy family.

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  1. Well done Sam! Keep up the good work :) You're lucky to have a woman like Joy to support you ;)