Friday, August 06, 2010

passing on good habits

The PEWC 'officially' ended at the start of this week, but as I was late to the party, my day 21 was yesterday.

Have enjoyed using the water my body app this week, and hit my daily target of 3.5 litres (14 glasses) every day. The app rewarded me with an 'A' grade each day, and a bronze trophy for hitting 'A' 7 times. A bit odd, but whatever. If I can keep up my water consumption like this for another 3 weeks I'll get a silver one.

I do feel like my body is now used to water as a drink, I've completely eliminated the sweetened cordials and fizzy drinks from my diet and now drink pure water and the very occasional tea. *scuttles off to polish halo*....

Am going to continue tracking my h2o, using the app - I should be back to brag about my silver trophy in 23 days.

A great side effect to this challenge has been that my eldest took interest in my new water bottle, after explaining I was drinking more water, and why, he asked for one too. He'd always been happy with water as a toddler, but after we started buying juice as the boys got older, he moved away from drinking it. With his funky new bottle as motivation (cos he can only have water in it) he's been drinking between 700-1000ml a day, well on target for his 51lb frame!  And he thinks it's cool too, so yeah. Pretty awesome.

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  1. Great stuff Joy! :)

    OT: Seth has the same T-shirt as Ruben ;)