Wednesday, August 11, 2010

week 102 - back over 3 stone loss (halfway to healthy)

Week 102 - 4lb loss 
43lb total loss

BMI - 31.8
Weight - 179lbs. 10lbs to holiday goal.

Back in the 12 stones/170s, whew. All the weight that I had gained over the last 9 months gone. In 7 weeks. Am I pleased that I decided to get back up? Oh yeah. Pleased enough to upload a video of me doing the victory dance? Not quite yet, no. 

Back over the halfway point of the 81lbs between morbidly obese and healthy.. 38lbs left until my bmi is under 25. 

Last week I realised I had a couple of milestones coming up -

Have a couple of goals in grasping distance.
  • 3lbs to be back in the 170s, and my favourite 'big' jeans.
  • 5lbs to reach my 20% loss goal.
Wonder if I can hit those this week?

 I did shift 4lbs. Back in the 170s, and so I *should* be able to fit back into my 'favourite big jeans' They are an Australian 16, and were on an 18 hanger in TKMaxx when I found them back in 2005. Not knowing that was wrong, or that I wasn't even going to fit an 18 by that point I bought them.

Knowing that I finally did fit into them last year, during the time I was in the 160-70lbs range, and that my hips are back to a 44. I thought I'd try and get them on.

Yay! So happy to be getting back into clothes I like wearing, that feel good on, rather than just something to cover up my body. Am looking forward to starting a 'too skinny for these togs' bag fot charity later on, and watching it bulge over the coming weeks as I don't!

So, next week, want to lose more than 1lb, but even then I'll be celebrating reaching 20% bodyweight loss!


  1. Well done. I wish I had your discipline to do it by myself. xx

  2. Great to see you back. I had been checking out this blog sometime back. (Found you thru babywearer) Was sad to see it abandoned. So happy you are back on track and blogging!
    Can't wait to see more of your progress!