Thursday, August 19, 2010

week 103 - the day the earth scale stood still

Week 102 - maintain
43lb total loss

BMI - 31.8
Weight - 179lbs. 10lbs to holiday goal.

So, yes. Eat the calories to 'maintain' and you will maintain.

Actually, after a 4lb loss the week previously, and just eating how I wanted.. it's a bloody good result. I haven't been 'careful' with my eating, but aware, and honest. I haven't been pushing myself on the exercise front, but have kept active. I had a hard week, and instead of pushing against it until it broke me, or being swept away, I found a solid footing and held firm until the winds stopped howling.

I'm really very happy. I think I've been rational, dare I say it? I've been moderate in my approach this week. In my thinking, eating and behaviour. Madness.

So, 10lbs to lose in 3 weeks now. It's tight. I can do it. I know in my gut I can.

Oh, also. Got the kids on the Wii to measure them all last week. Found that Rhino-boy (Kai) weighs 43lbs. So I've lost the equivalent weight of my uber-solid 3.5 year old. Will have to do a photo of us both sharpish.

And.. Sam has started a diet. Using myfitnesspal to track his calories. He weighed in Sunday and felt a bit shocked at the result, so is eating what I give him and nothing else. It's mega task tracking my food, and his whilst cooking for him twice a day (he eats seperately to us, as he gets in around 7.30-8pm, too late for the kids to wait for their evening meal, and I also prepare him his lunch for the next day as I do the childrens dinner). Worth it though. He'd lost 2" from his waist in the first 48 hours!! His weigh in day is Sunday, so I'll update how he's done in his first week then. He has a decent amount to shift, but he's always been an easy on/easy off type. *growl*

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