Wednesday, August 25, 2010

week 104

Week 104 - 2lb loss
45lb total loss

BMI - 31.4
Weight - 177lbs. 8lbs to holiday goal.

Not the 3-4lb loss I was heading for prior to our Anniversary dinner munching session - but a 2lb loss on a week where I have gone out and eaten a calorific 3 course pub meal, *with* drinks *and* lots of dairy *and* wheat *and* my favourite chocolate with a movie later the same day, is a HUGE loss I think!

Drank 98 glasses of water, just over target of 95. Am pleased with how easily I am drinking 3.5 litres (14 glasses) a day now! 632 minutes (10.5 hrs) walking, 114 minutes (15.5k) running, 40 mins Wii fit (finally) and 123 pushups. 

Was aiming for 1600 calories a day, and eating any extra I burned through exercise too, so really eating around 2,000 a day. (Got to love breastfeeding for weight control!) That seemed plenty, no room for silliness, but not leaving me hungry/tetchy.  Until the blowout that was Monday! Averaged over the week I had 2110 calories a day, leaving a 1750 deficit for the week. Should mean a 1/2lb loss, got 2lb. Happy, happy.

Of course, it's totally possible that the girls fed more than the 500 or so calories a day I've allowed on MyFitnessPal , or that the walking I don't factor in is actually 'worth' a lot more, or that I overestimated how many calories was in the food I ate (or how much I ate) while out.

There's just over 2 weeks now until our break, and the Muse stadium gigs. Only 9 weeks ago I had 2.5 stone (35lbs) to lose to no longer be obese. Now there's just 8lbs left. I've been losing at an average of 3lbs a week, just need to step it up a tiny bit to make my goal to be fit enough to enjoy Muse two nights in a row, and to shift enough flab to fit into my togs to be able to get into the pool for a weeks worth of swimming! 

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