Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the week the 180s get put in room 101?

Week 101 - 3lb loss 
39lb total loss

BMI - 32.4
Weight - 183lbs. 15lbs to holiday goal.

So, a 3lb loss this week despite eating just under 2000 cals a day. The girls are definately still some of my best tools for weight loss, am going to miss their help once they wean!

Have a couple of goals in grasping distance.
  • 3lbs to be back in the 170s, and my favourite 'big' jeans.
  • 5lbs to reach my 20% loss goal.
Wonder if I can hit those this week?

Another 5 weeks until the holiday deadline, and 14lbs to reach my goal. I have to push, it's still well within reach and even though I will be overweight still, I'll feel so fantastic knowing that I'm healthy, and my body is heading the 'right' way. I'm determined to take the twins in the baby dolphins pool. I took a picture of myself in a swimsuit a month ago, at 193lbs. I'm 10lbs down from there now, and can see a difference, another 15lbs will be awesome! If I'm brave enough (or can see change enough to feel it's worth doing, I'll post the pics in a months time!)

I am trying to be more mindful during this time of losing weight than I was last year. I did not really take time to try accepting and feeling comfortable in my body each week. I remember still thinking of myself as 'fat' 'flabby' 'overweight' last summer. I was entirely focused on what the scales showed, the label in my clothing. While I am still going to be thrilled when my weight is at goal, and I'm back in 'small', I am determined to be careful that in striving for the ultimate size goal, I'm not losing focus on the important stuff - self-image, happiness and health.

So yes, I am 183lbs.

I first hit this weight in January last year, and I felt good about it, my goals were in reach and people were noticing that I'd lost serious poundage. Then in February this year I hit it again, after losing 10lbs my first week back at WeightWatchers.

I am in size 16 (uk) and my waist measures the same as my hips did pre-kids. I am 'obese' and weigh 42lbs over the maximum I ought to to be 'healthy'.
I can run. 5km! In February I had just managed week 1 of the c25k plan, and running 40 seconds at a time had my heart pumping. Now, at the same weight I can run for 40 minutes. My waist is 35", when I hit this weight last year it was closer to 40". My core is stronger and my body is being made stronger, not just slimmer. I have lost 40lbs of weight, and I know I've gained lean muscle, I am a fat-blasting machine.


  1. I know that 'obese' is a sciency health term, but honestly and seriously - you do Not Look Obese At All to me.
    And I wouldn't put size 16 in that category either, overweight maybe, but obese are you kidding me?!

  2. ^_^ You know I love you already, right?

    I don't feel obese anymore actually, very definately did in June, but now I'm running I feel totally different. Overweight for sure, but yer, not obese.

    Measured myself earlier too, and my waist alone is 4" less than it was at this weight previously, so obviously my shape is smaller than it has been before.

    Long way of saying, thankyou!