Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yeh, yeh but you're drop dead gorgeous..

Whoop, did the last day of the AwesomeAugust challenge today. Biceps and Triceps curl with small weights and a 'quickie' 2.5k run. August has been awesome and I'm set to Shred September. At this rate I'll be looking good by December. In fact, I could go for being Drop Dead Gorgeous by December!The sentiment is nice, anyway.

With day 24 of activity complete today, I've finished my second project since recomitting myself 2 months ago. Two months of sticking to it has seen me melt 2 stone away. I've gone from *just* running 60 seconds to doing 5k every other day. From overeating to counting calories honestly. From fizzy drinks to 3.5litres of pure water every day.

I feel fantastic after two months. All I need to do now is maintain this current rhythm, and I'm winning all round. With under 40lbs to lose to hit a healthy BMI, I have my sights set on the New Year as a goal. 10lbs a month would see me go into 2011 'healthy' in every sense.

So Jess' challenge for overall health is *perfect* for me, and I'm excited to have another group of motivated bloggers to journey with.

Each Sunday I will be turning in my 'report' to Jess.
1. A photo of yourself with a self-motivational note.
2. Posting your weight is completely optional.
3. At least one but no more than five long-term goals.
4. One brag for the week.
5. One thing to improve upon for next week.

So, starting a week late (as DDGBD began last Sunday, but I promised myself one 'challenge' at a time while I refound my mojo) I'll post my first report here, as I think I'm late for deadline (never was good at handing in my homework)

'won't stop getting back on it'

(defense of the strop face - I asked Sam to take a pic and it was this, or deranged. We've seen enough of the lunatic-me, so emo-me is getting some face fringe time. The reason for my moping? Sam taking great pleasure in laughing at me; 'won't stop getting on what? *snigger* *click*'

Starting Weight: 179lbs - now 177lbs

Goals from now until December:
  1. Drink 3.5litres (14 glasses) of water a day.
  2. Complete 10k run.
  3. Complete 100 Pushup Challenge.
  4. Get back into size 10 clothes.
  5. Go out to socialise (that's me, not my kids) / email/phone someone *just* to be sociable every week - (this could be hard! I can tend to be a hermit).

ONE brag for the week: I went out running, in the rain. I was soaked to the bone but I ran my 5k anyway. I used to run to get IN from the rain, now I go out in the rain to run.
ONE thing to improve upon for next week: Getting myself showered and dressed before lunch every day, rather than focusing on kids and house and leaving self looking like a scarecrow!

September 5th. 


  1. Joy, that picture shows off pretty well how far you've come already, it's pretty shocking how the weight literally seems to have fallen off you!

    I'm liking the idea of this DDGBD but wondering if it's something I wont end up sticking to. Have you already replied to Jess? I'm thinking maybe a buddy might keep me on it... :-/

  2. bless you Elaine, I'm feeling all bloated and PMS-y, really needed to hear that!

    I am going to comment on Jess next ddgbd post with a link to this, a buddy would be good! The idea of going for longer term, non weight related 'personal health' stuff was too appealing to pass up.

  3. Yup, I've gotta admit - though I've not wanted to say it and stomp on the good vibe you have going - the one thing I've wondered about on your journey is the numbers.
    Only because personally I've found that if I get hung up on the numbers (weight, BMI, calories/syns) then I struggle and it's harder to keep hold of once I get to target.

    Getting fit for getting fit and healthy works really well. I can totally get having a weight to aim for, but trying to keep in my head that it's not the be all and end all...

    And yes, you look great - look at those jeans! And the clothes are all hanging on you :) Break out the lycra! lol