Friday, September 24, 2010

Center Parcs

Monday 13th-Friday 17th

Packed up and out on the Monday by 1030, I was still shattered, and looking forward to sitting down on the longer train for an hour or two. Didn't happen as the train was packed!

Had a lovely week, though it flies by and we were very aware of how much the break was costing. The younger three have never been swimming. I had taken Seth before, but with Maya being terrified of the bath until a few months ago we had never attempted to go as a family. A swim at our local pool would cost £20-30, too much to spend for 5mins splashing and a tantrum!

Turns out they all loved it. Seth had some new armbands and doggy paddled loads. Going to have to find the ASA website for those swimming badges kids get at school. It's one of the few awards I remember feeling really proud of achieving! Malachi, rather than freaking at the water dove right in. Literally. Paddling away into the deep end with no floatation device. Monkey. The girls were reluctant to let go of me at all, so that meant that wherever I went I was swimming with no arms, which is surprisingly hard to do for 2 hours at a time!

I did not shred, because I forgot the DVD *headdesk* but honestly, we were busy all. day. long. There were no 20mins spare because I was too busy and active. Swam 2-4 hours each day, walked lots, went for 2 runs through the forest. It was fab.

Slideshow N. (not really) B. - it is kinda out of order, and mostly goes backwards... but whatever.

Although I did not hit my goal of a bmi <30 for the holiday, I got bloody close! Weighing 174lbs, I was 5lbs away, and down 30lbs since June. I felt whale like in the pool, but whenever I caught sight of myself I was pleased at the fact I felt like more of an Orca than a blubbery Blue.

June - squeezing 200+lbs in, just. Ouch. September - fitting, circulation in limbs useful when swimming.

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