Friday, September 24, 2010

Exciting news.. quick everyone. Eat!

Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th

My brother has gotten engaged. Well it happened a week ago, but I've been busy, so today it really sank in. Mostly because the family went out to celebrate. That's me and my tribe, my parents, my brother and fiancee and my sister and her EmoBoy.

Nom nom nom. Some yummy pub food and knickerbocker glory (which I managed to klutz over and ask our waiter for some knickerboxers, sigh) later and we trampled home. A couple of hours later I went down to my parents for a champagne buffet dinner and chatter about wedding clothes etc.

Fun, but calorific. And no real exercise outside of the 45mins easy walking.

The next day was a shared roast lunch at our flat for everyone, more wedding chatter and enjoying all 12 of us being together to celebrate my birthday a week early. Celebrating my birthday seemed to consist of my dad going on and on about me not being a 'young adult' anymore, and being in my late twenties. Shouting '27!!!' at random intervals was also a popular pastime for the day. Though I don't relish the fact that my 20s thus far have been somewhat eclipsed by breeding, I am not ridiculous enough to feel that 20-anything is an age to sob into my stuffing about, so I just enjoyed my roast and tried to pretend not to know the calories 0_0

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