Thursday, September 23, 2010

the mighty weekend of Muse

Friday 10th-Sunday 12th

After struggling through snot-ville for a few days, by Friday my throat was feeling a bit better, and I'd stopped sneezing. Sam was off work, and I was beyond reason with excitement. Set off for my friends house by midday as I was bouncing around the flat and winding the kids up.

I wore the dress that was my 'fit into it by my birthday' goal. While I felt incredibly self conscious, I also really enjoyed wearing something that looked how I felt, if that makes any sense. Spending time with my friends, without our children to look after/amuse/feed/get home for bed was so much fun, and something I've not done since my teens. No, really!

I did just forgot calorie counting, eating hotdogs (big rank ones that my body evicted the next day) and drinking alcopops and fizzy drinks and caffeine. I was totally hyper and very, very happy.

Screamed and bounced our way through many hours of live stadium music, then squeezed home by 2am. Sam had managed to get all 4 to bed, (I have spent a week with very needy girls after the source of 'boobies' disappeared) so I scooted in, fed the girls 3-4 times each by 6am and then headed back out before any of them realised I'd been back.

Grabbed my my sister on the way to the station at 6.30am we went and queued outside Wembley. Rain, sushi, long toilet queues and after 8-9 hours of sitting on wet sloping concrete we were in, and *so* close, we could touch the barrier. Disaster struck, in the form of horrendous cramps and feeling very sick. After an hour of standing I felt awful, realised there was no way I was going to make the 3 hours until Muse, and tears-in-eyes explained where I'd meet my group after the gig and jumped/pushed my way out.

Bloody hot dog!! I enjoyed the Saturday gig loads, but argh. If I'd just eaten properly the day before I'd have had an immense experience. To add insult to injury, I had to dash out during the encore because my period finally showed her fugly face. 3-4 weeks late. Muse were awesome, obviously.
Sunday I was dead, felt so grotty it was wrong. But did final packing for holidays and then cleaned the flat with Black Holes and Revelations giving me a post-gig high.

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