Friday, September 03, 2010

phoning it in

had to look up the meaning of the phase, after Jillian spitting it at me several times over the last three days. Had to restrain myself this evening, as the urge to throw my dumbell through the screen - after she accused me of the phoning thing - was strong.

definition - 'phoning it in'

to give a poor performance; not to try very hard
Now I'm concerned, in that I probably do give a poor performance, but I really am trying very hard!! I've been exercising lots in the last 2 months. Lots of running, wii fit, starting strength training. The Shred really pushes me. Doing Abs is so hard, but feels great to know my muscles there are finally healed and getting stronger again. My entire body is wrecked, I ache. I was so, so tempted to not Shred today - but have anyway.

not phoning it in...
Have had a fun week, it's gone by fast, and I am shattered. So ready to rest this weekend, before the big whirlwind of the next one hits!

On Bank Holiday I took Seth out shopping for swimming cossies, as I realised only Seth and I had any! Tuesday I took just my biggest with me to the RFH on Southbank, to a slingmeet (oh, how I've missed these meets!) and finalised(ish) plans for next Friday. 

The Muse tickets have all (finally) arrived, so now I know what I'm doing when. There's no way I'll fit in a shred on the Saturday (day 11) as I'll be out from dawn until midnight. Will do two lots one day midweek to 'catch up' or something. Reckon all the bouncing around should be as much, if not more, of a workout. (Or does decent music mean I'm phoning it in, Jillian?? :p )

Have had a few comments about how much weight I've lost (again) which is nice, I am almost forgetting sometimes where I am on this 'journey' - the fact that I am getting healthier and stronger is much more of a priority than it has been ever before. Someone will ask how much I've lost, and I'll answer 'Oh, around xx, but I can run, and I have started weights. Hey, do you use freeweights? Show me, show me!'

Seth informed me, after I weighed in 2 days ago, that I'm 'getting smaller, not too fat anymore now, not small yet, but between them both. A small fat mummy, or a fat small mummy. Your belly does not jump when you jump.' Praise indeed!

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