Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Realised none of the posts I set up to keep the blog alive have published - probably because I saved them as drafts!

Will fill gaps at the weekend but main points are

I'm not lagging

I had a cold and chose to let go of shred each day in order to not burn out - nsv for me - moderation.

I have done 20mins (way more most days) of activity daily.

I had a STS at weigh in on Wednesday - full of cold, PMS bloating and retaining water from the week of shred!

I went to see Muse 2 nights running at Wembley Stadium, returning home for 4 hours to grab some shuteye and feed babies. I was KNACKERED, but wow was it good!

Monday we went to centerparcs, where I am now rushing this on the sliver of WiFi my iPhone just found!!

Back on Friday, lots of pictures and updates coming. Including the dreaded swimming cossie pics! 0_o

Hope everyone is having a super September!!

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  1. it's amazing how many times I have saved my posts as drafts instead of publishing lol you're having a busy week but that's awesome you're finding time to stay active!! I struggle with that! have a good week!

  2. Great job despite being sick! I too have the dreaded cold.

  3. I dont even know how to set up my blog like that, I want to since otherwise its just dead lol.