Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Shredding September..

starts today. I have my pair of 2kg weights, and my dvd. And the knowledge that it is only 10hours total - I have survived birthing 4 children, I can do this.

****************** UPDATE - Shred is dead, long live the alternative plan.. as I got a cold, moshed a lot then went on holidays without Jillian, I'm going to instead aim for the 20 mins a day activity, and do the Shred thing properly in October. When I'm not out for a 72 hour stretch, on going on an activity holiday, or dying of man-flu....******************************

I am going to weigh and measure myself first thing each morning, every 10 days.

day 1 :
  • weight - 174lbs
  • bust - 43"
  • waist - 32" (35" over the baby belly)
  • hips - 43"
  • upper arm - 12"
  • thigh - 25"
I will complete the 20 minutes of Level 1 each day for 10 days, and update here as I go. Hopefully in 30 days this will be a v-e-r-y long post.
  • day 1 -  Got to the end of the first circuit and was sweating. A Lot. Midway through the second circuit I was certain I'd not finish. The third I enjoyed. Bizarre. Best moment was during the 3rd circuit of cardio, Seth looked at me concerned and asked 'does all this jumping make you hurt??' Yes baby. Yes it does.
  • day 2 - ouch ouch, my legs are stiff, but I did it. *and* an hours 'running' on the Wii fit. Too scared to go out and run incase my legs totally seize up on me.
  • day 3 - I feel like it should be easier, but it's not. My entire body was throbbing all day, so I waited for Sam to be home before I began. In case I really needed to just lie down and be a bit dead afterwards.
  • day 4&5 - Missed doing Shred on Saturday, as we were out from mid morning until around 10pm, so I did 2 sessions back-to-back on Sunday morning. Well, I stopped for 5 minutes to unload/reload the laundry.. but yeh, pretty much back to back. And then I died a bit. My boys are really watching me I've noticed. Kai is interested in the Abs stuff and will sit over me watching my stomach wobble work, Seth is ready to criticise any and every time I modify moves. I've a feeling I'm not going to be allowed to get big again without hearing about it from the men in my life... it's a good thing.
  • day 6&7 - no Shred because house has manflu - decide to at least do the 20mins activity a day 40min run on Monday.
  • day 8&9 - packing and walking, an easy 2 days before the madness of Muse.
  • day 10 - 2 hours actively walking, 4 hours bouncing around to live music.
  • day 11 - another 2 hours walking, 8 hours queueing in rain and 4 hours bouncing around to live music.
  • day 12 - died of exhaustion on bus after 6 hours sleep in 3 days. Another 2 hours walking.
  • day 13 - seriously. Broken. Record. 3 hours + walking while carrying baby and/or luggage, unpack and laugh manically when I discover I forgot to pack Jillian. 20 minute run.
  • day 14 - 1-2 hours walking and 2 hours swimming.
  • day 15 - 3 hours swimming and some walking too. Another 20min dash through the forest.
  • day 16 - 3.5 hours swimming and 2 hours walking.
  • day 17 - At least 4 hours walking and 2-3 hours spent playing in adventure playground with kids. Travelling from villa to home took over 12 hours, stopping at activity parks, station with picnic on the platform, 4 trains, and an uphill walk via my parents house before getting home at 10pm.
  • day 18 - 1 hour walk.
  • day 19 - I stayed in damn it. There's enough there to cover me. I'm dead.
  • day 20 - back to the grindstone. Kids have post-holiday grots. I do 3 hours housework (hoovering, dusting. scrubbing)
  • day 21 - an hour tidying the basement - sweaty work
  • day 22 - 4-5 hours deep cleaning our bedroom. Involves moving wardrobes and chest of drawers with entire familys clothes in, 2 double mattresses and one single and hoovering under each, cleaning down skirting and walls and then collapsing in a heap in a much cleaner bed.
  • day 23 - another day 'off' as I'm well in credit, no? Really couldn't do much as twins are both post-cold and nursing all. day. long. Should count as activity IMO.


  1. you are going to do fantastic, good luck on your first day!

  2. You are doing so well and sound so so motivated, its good to hear!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  3. Your blog rocks & I look forward to reading on a regular basis. I stumbled through while on a hunt for inspirational people. Thanks for puttin yourself out there!!!