Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sloshy belly

getting back into my groove, slowly inching my way back in. Eating is better, not weightloss better, but an improvement. I'm moving and went for another quick jog.

The Wii has died :( so I can't use wii fit, but think I can still weigh on the wii fit channel? Will have a proper poke around at it soon.

The big yay is that I'm back on top of my water drinking, it had slid a little, though on the handful of days I didn't manage my 3.5litres, I was still getting at least 2 (8 glasses).

Starting back on the shred tomorrow, and oddly enough am looking forward to it.

Will read that in a few days and scoff at myself I bet!!

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  1. Good job for moving and getting back into your groove! you're at a good start!!

  2. you totally got this shit!!!

  3. brilliant!! I never get 100% :(