Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I have a headcold. I think it's better today, it needs to be gone by The Weekend Of Incredibleness or I'll throw the biggest sulk in the history of pre-menstrual stroppage.

On Sunday I did the shred twice, back to back. It hurt, I died. The end. I had noticed that day that Seth and Kai got a bit snotty towards evening, but chose to ignore it. Monday I woke with a tight head and scratchy throat and wanted to eat everything with flour that I could think of. By mid afternoon I was sneezing everywhere, all 4 kids were a bit whingy and snotty too. I waited until Sam got in and went out for a walk, I had wanted to run, simply because I hadn't for nearly a week, and don't want to slip backwards. After walking 5 mins in the drizzle I started to jog, more to keep warm than anything. I told myself I'd not push, just do 2km. After 5km I stopped. I felt better for the run, and the guilt of having eaten several chocolate foodstuffs was a little less heavy on my heart too.

Today I am feeling less weighed down by the cold. But my throat and ears are all itchy, blugh. Maya has a swollen cheek/lip on one side, looks a bit sad to be honest. Other than that all appear a bit better, eating normally etc.

I am NOT going to shred today, because as a few wise friends have pointed out, pushing myself too hard while ill isn't going to do anything but eff up all the work I've done if I have a meltdown. I need to be well for the weekend. That means today I shall keep active, but not push myself to the point of exhaustion. I can always 'catch up' a shred or two down the line, Or I can count the 40mins running yesterday as day 6 & 7 activity, eh?

I've a feeling I've gained this week. Between having been expecting my period for the last 2.5weeks (another thing that I would really like to happen BEFORE Muse and a week of swimming), eating dougnuts at the weekend, having eaten over my 'allowance' every day and having shredded my muscles to the point of stiff painful 2 day aching all over... I reckon the scales will not grace me with a miracle loss this time.

But, my body is getting littler. I was musing about what to wear on Friday, as we'll be in seats for the first gig. My friend was discussing her wardrobe plans and I immediately thought of the dress I want to fit into for my birthday in 3 weeks time. I went to try it on to see if it was closer to zipping up. I actually let out an audible squeak when it not only zipped up, but felt comfy, not-tight, perfect.


  1. i can totally sympathise with the head cold, i am really really fighting one.. it keeps teasing and then goes and so on.

    whens your bday? mine is the 22nd. I had a fit into dress too, but alas there is no way

  2. hey!! you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your weight lost progress here. keep it up and never give up. you can do it.

  3. Are you feeling better? You disappeared for quite a while before after not feeling well.
    Hope all is well.. xx