Saturday, September 04, 2010

week 105 - late

Week 105 - 3lb loss
48lb total loss

BMI - 30.9
Weight - 174lbs. 5lbs to holiday goal.

An OK week this week. Not the mad 'must hit my goal' scramble it could have been, but I think that is good. I went out with my kids, I spent a day at a friends, I went with Seth to central London for a meet and through it all the 'diet' didn't interfere with my life. I worked out, I tracked my calories but most importantly I balanced things. 
Completed the awesome august challenge and got ready (sat in a corner rocking) to start the 30 day shread. Don't know what I'll do about running while Shred is on, will see how my body copes.

Drank 98 glasses of water, drinking much less than 3.5 litres (14 glasses) a day now I get a mild headache, wondering how many migraines I'd not have had to suffer if I'd been drinking enough! 505 minutes walking, 95 minutes (12.5k) running, 133 mins Wii fit (whoop), 52 pushups and 224 reps with handweights. 
Averaged over the week I had 1770 calories a day.

There's just over a week now until my 'goal deadline', our family holiday and the Muse stadium gigs. 10 weeks ago I was well back into being obese. I weighed it, ate and acted it. Now there's just 5lbs left to be back in the 20s for BMI. I'm so much stronger, I'm healthy. I'm down 30lbs in 2 months.  Even with less than a 5lb loss next week, I'll be wearing a smug grin at what I have managed.

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