Wednesday, September 22, 2010

week 108 - 5lbs

OK, so 5lbs is a big gain. I know that any other week I'd be wailing but I'm really flipping happy with this.

I've gone 2 weeks without weighing/tracking, I've been on holiday, eating out, eating desserts, eating wheat, barely running. And I've *only* gained 5lbs. Wow.

Week 108 - 5lb gain
43lb total loss

I weighed myself on the Thursday before Muse and saw a STS. After a week of shredding, being full of cold and 3 days pre-period that was fab.

Back on plan from today, hoping to be rid of these lbs by October so I can blast the 30lbs to a healthy BMI over the last 3 months of this year.

The shredding has not happened, what with having a mega cold, then holiday, then poorly babies that won't give me 10 minutes without needing snuggles. I will rejoin the challenge for October, though I am doing 20mins activity a day, so I'll keep on top of that for the last week of this month.

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