Wednesday, September 29, 2010

week 109 - fail

am blaming the post holiday/muse/illness high, fell into a fog of 'meh' last week. Struggled to do much past the bare minimum in terms of living. Lots of laundry and cleaning house, not much else. I ate badly, on my birthday (Sunday) I ate LOTS of wheat, including more than one piece of cake and drank a bottle of wine to myself.

Hello bloat.

Realised on Monday it was 3 weeks since I went for a real run. I'd been for a few half arsed jogs, but it's not close to enough. Everything has gone a bit mushy. I'm barely drinking enough water, I'm staying up too late reading, I'm not running/exercising properly and I'm definately not being mindful of my eating.

So this week sees a 6lb bloaty gain. 11lbs up from pre-holiday weight. Um, oops.

Today I've got up, fed kids, showered and dressed and drank water then eaten my breakfast. Going to hope the weather holds and take halflings to the park for some conker hunting. Plotting a run tonight and tomorrow before restarting the shred on Friday.

Am also going to photoblog my food this week, just so I can break the habit of shovelling food in without thinking.


  1. the bloat will go, just like it always does for you xx

  2. Don't worry, just get back on it.

    Don't feel that you have to jump in full throttle - that'll just make the beginnings of an on-off cycle. If you spend a day aiming to drink your water quota, then one with water and running, then one with water and shred and good food, you'll get there!

    You're still doing great - you've still come a long way :) Now you've enjoyed your muse, your holiday and your birthday - in short you've had a break and now it's back to real life!