Sunday, September 19, 2010

week 4 #ddgbd

Start weight 179lbs, weight now ???

Goals from now until December:  (in green if done this week)

  1. Drink 3.5litres (14 glasses) of water a day. - big oops. One day at CP I *only* drank 8 glasses.
  2. Complete 10k run.
  3. Complete 100 Pushup Challenge.
  4. Get back into size 10 clothes.
  5. Go out to socialise (that's me, not my kids) / email/phone someone *just* to be sociable every week - (this could be hard! I can tend to be a hermit). - went night swimming with my siblings and friend :)
ONE brag for the week: I went into that swimming pool, in front of people I know well and enjoyed myself. Another prison wall that I'd let the fat build around me broken down.
ONE thing to improve upon for next week: Got to get back on top of tracking/weighing etc.

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