Sunday, November 28, 2010

6 months from now

I'll be stood with my sister as her grrrl of honour (I don't qualify to be a 'maid' and there's no way I'm being described as 'matron') as she gets hitched to her Emoboy.

I'm going to be in a dress, most likely a champagne toned one. I can't be fat. My sister and all the other bridesmaids are taller and younger. I don't mind being short and old. I would mind scoring the hat trick by being fat.

Dressember starts on Wednesday. By the end of the month I hope that I'll be getting rid of the trousers I'm in now! I've got around 20 dresses/skirts now. Totally outside my comfort zone, but I'm excited to do it. Join us on twitter #dressember or find the ever growing page on Facebook. ^_^

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