Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 6.. bumbling through

I've made so many mistakes this week with the new points. Really haven't a clue how it's affected my weight.

That said, I feel better. I've stayed active, have chugged my 3.5 litres of water and stayed free of wheat for the last nearly-week. I stuck to the 30 points the leader gave me for the first 2 days, but between the drop in calories and blood loss I hit a real low on Sunday afternoon. Kept near passing out and got REALLY trashed on half a bottle of champagne. Not so great.

E-source worked out that feeding one baby who was also eating solids I should be on 38 points, a fully breastfed baby would mean I got 44 points. I figure 2 toddlers must fall somewhere between the two, if not at the 44 point mark. Next week I shall go with the 38 points and see how I feel.

This week I guess I am over by 60 points, even having used my 49 flex points (Paramore gig at the o2 = a couple of bottles of wine)

BUT, I have been having FUN. I have been out dancing, have made plans to see friends this weekend, have even really pushed out of my bubble and applied for a temp job next spring during the census.

Several times I've been on the brink, but each time I have managed to talk myself down. Less of the 'trapping/punishing the fat binge girl' and more gently talking myself away from the things that will just hurt me more.

Just now I had finished my SiftAbility application for this job. Feeling a bit weirded out by the whole paid-work idea (it's been 7 years!) I headed to the kitchen and was about to attack a pack of hot cross buns. The newer calmer me emerged long enough to decide instead on a punnet of grapes and 1.5litre of water to fill on. So here I am, munching away, not having 'ruined' anything. Very thankful for the 0 point fruit that means I really can grab and run at those moments now! If I'd had to weigh out my portion, I think that may have required too much control!!!

Looking forward to getting weigh in done tomorrow, hopefully be down a lb at least, because I must have been bloated due to hormones last time.

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  1. Good luck for weigh in, fingers x'd! Im also eating more fruit, prefering to grab some for a snack, whereas before i begrudged "spending" my points on it!!