Saturday, November 13, 2010

did something a bit clever

and went back to meetings.

It's been 6 months. I've gone up and down. I know weightwatchers works, I did bloody well last time.

Got an email waxing lyrical about the new ProPoints plan starting this week, so I thought I'd tag along with my mum to her Thursday night meeting.

I was hoping to still be the 'right' side of 200lbs. I got on those scales at 6.30pm and saw 199.5lbs. And laughed.

I'm muddling along with the new system, I love the idea of looking at how the body uses the nutrients rather than limiting based on cals/fat. I also really like the weekly allowance as a safety net.

Chucked out all my outdated stuff, really giving myself a fresh start. Not going to delete any of the old numbers here, but am going to try and forget which week number I'm at!

I'm also counting my loss from my highest ever (non pregnant) weight of 232lbs/16st 8lbs. My new leader, Lynne, has my start weight at 199.5, going to have to change that! As it is my 5% goal is to lose 10lbs, I'll manage that by the end of the month.

New goal is to get to 'overweight' by Malachi's 4th birthday. That's 30lbs in 10 weeks.

A *big* incentive for me was announced today. My sister is engaged. Wedding in 6 months. Me as a bridesmaid. Eeek. I want to be down 60lbs by then! Skates on Ms!


  1. good luck, hopefully the new plan will give us all that kick up the proverbial that we all need!!

  2. I've been doing the new points since Wednesday, and I'm like what the scales are telling me already - now what they'll tell me tomorrow (my weigh day) will be interesting as we went out for lunch today - but I've just honestly counted the points, and while I'm into the "slippage" points, it's not by much :-)

    Good luck Joy - and what a fantastic motivation :D

  3. Wow - speedy wedding! Good luck on that, I know from your history that you can do it :)