Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Feeling very very much more human today. Going to really go for it, these last days of November, break back into the 180s ready for December.

Had spotted the link to Dressember on facebook a few times over the weekend, and after joining this evening I've jumped onto ebay and bid on the first 10 dresses I found. Been meaning to crack on with my 27 dress challenge, this should help! I have worn dresses out. To the cinema, out to the pub and to the o2 last week. I just forget to do the photo evidence bit. Anyway, if you fancy it, join the page and the fun. Shake up your jeans and tee routine and dress up December ^_^.

Also noticed something a bit wow-ish, as I came in past my 'dashboard', this blog has 100 readers. 0_0 Wow. Thanks guys. You keeping an eye on me is a huge factor in keeping me from falling down and staying down. When I get back to healthy it's going to be something I owe each of you a little bit for. <3

Lastly, for now, my new running shoes are here. My well loved, got me into running, through the c25k anddid my first 5k Sauconys are too big. As I ran and lost a bit of weight my feet have dropped a size ??! Weird, no? Had a discount code to use and LunarGlides were down to around 60 quid, so I bought some, and a Nike+ sensor thingummy. Plotting to get out today and do at least a 2k, know that I may well struggle after 'couching' for so long though.

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