Friday, November 05, 2010

Promises, promises

I've made a few..

Here's a new one. No matter how often I screw up, I won't give up.


I made a lot of plans when I last posted. A few of my friends made noises about me maybe doing that Monica Geller thing again. Going a little OTT and setting myself up for a nose dive.

Turned out to be more of a belly flop. The minute one domino wobbled, the while pile went clattering down. I pushed myself to the brink of exhaustion. Then got a cold, my routine fell apart, I went on holiday.

If coming back from holiday I had just had to deal with the teeny 5pm gain, I'd have been back to where I wanted within a fortnight.

As it was I came back to a run down me. Having eaten wheat. Having not kept up with water challenge. Behind on the Shred challenge. Behind on running. Behind on the DDGBD. AND 5lbs up.

All those unnecassary challenges threw me. Now I've finally talked myself back down, 2 months later. I'm up another 15lbs and have been dehydrated until last week. Running has not happened. I'm feeling totally down on myself and the only exercise I've been involved in is the cycle of binge eating.

The last week I've slowly worked through, in my head, what to do.

Back to calories, 6 200cal meals a day. Drink water. Run every other day. Blog.

And I've bought a full length mirror..

No more hiding.

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  1. Im here too. You can do this...just dont put to much on yourself. We are here for support.

  2. Just found your blog. Wishing you luck, i just began (rebegan again) my journey, too. Let's do it. Here we go............

  3. I could have written this post myself! I am also up 15 pounds, haven't run in forever...I blame being sick for over 2 weeks...and still not feeling 100%. No more excuses...I feel like crap! I want ME back! Let's do this, mama!