Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Just *sigh*

all gone extremely pear shaped, like my bod.

PMS struck, I feel yuck, the weather is crapola. Have extra stuff going on to, that I can't fix and just have to hold out and patiently wait to ride itself out (hopefully!). The propoints was going well though, I had gone wonky and gained back 6lbs, but was eating wheat etc.

As of last Thursday I chucked wheat, stuck to my propoints, drank my water, kept active and didn't use any of the weekly allowance. Monday night I *stupidly, stupidly* stood on my mums scales to check how I was going. Nada. Not budged an inch.

I was (am) pissed. Seriously. Blech.
I am hungry on propoints.
It is not coming naturally.

I have just stuffed crap in. I am sure my looming menses is to blame for my hormonal state, as well as holding onto water. I'm totally indecisive about what to do.

I like going to meetings.
I don't like propoints.

I think, I think I am going to calorie count alongside/instead of propoints. Keep going to meetings as I know the group keeps me on track mentally.

But, yer. Feeling pretty down on myself right now. *sigh*

At least dressember is fun. ^_^


  1. Please, do one thing for me - please?

    *Speak to your group leader!*

    Let them know how you're feeling and don't be fobbed off with an easy answer. It may be that you are doign something wrong somewhere, or that someone has a suggestion after being in the same position as you.

    And stop kicking yourself. Yes weighing mid-week is never a good idea, but scratch that now and start anew. The brilliant thing with healthy eating is that it's ongoing - it's NOT A RACE. So if you have a blip, you carry on, you don't give up because you stumbled along the way.

  2. PS, you look *good*
    You have fantastic curves - not fat curves, but lovely womanly ones. You're young, pretty, and is it too much for me to say you have sexy legs?! lol

    And where did you get your Eeyore mug? I have a DD that needs one...

  3. Yer, I'm going to chat with her regardless. This propoints plan is new, so they want feedback.

    I know that I'm following it right. It just doesn't feel healthy. I feel crabby and tired. I really might as well be bingeing and purging, the way I feel ATM.

    Am going to do the calories thing. I know it 'works' I eat damn well doing it, and I miss my app, lol.

    I totally agree with you about it not being a race. The deadline of my sisters wedding is not helping me remember that though! Thanks Elaine xx

  4. See, now I'm blushing, I didn't see the sneaky extra. You may say as many kind things about legs as you wish, they've rarely heard a kind one from me!

    Eeyore mug is from Sainsburys. I actually have two, will have to donate it to Miss S's stocking! ;)

  5. Whoot! Are you sure? She will be most pleased :)

    And yep, you look good :) You'll look great with weightloss too, but don't lose track of the thought that you do look good now and you have already come a long way :)