Saturday, December 04, 2010

still truckin'

No meeting this week, cancelled because of all the white, wet stuff ^_^

Had put on a few lbs after eating silly, but back on it now and beginning to rethink how to eat for the propoints plan.

Enjoying the dressember challenge, 4 days I've worn dresses now - photo evidence is on my blog. Am realising how much fun I would be having with clothes if I weren't so worried about my size. So it's a good boost.

Added to that, the wedding is 25 weeks today. I need to lose around 50-60lbs by then. Incentive, eh?

I had hoped to go and see Biffy Clyro tonight, but couldn't make myself chance getting stuck the wrong side of London after the shambles of the trains the last few days. So instead of moshing, vodka and kebab I've got a Saturday night of X-factor, water and satsumas. How rock'n'roll!

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