Friday, December 17, 2010

stuff that is making this not so easy

Hubby has been unemployed for 6 weeks now.
Redundancy sucks.
We are poor.
He's been messed about by recruitment people.
Getting interviews around Christmastime. Heh.
I'm hormonal and not coping.
I'm not able to run, hurt my knee.

I'm turning to food to feel safe/happy/satisfied. It's stupid. It has got to stop. I need to be in decent shape. Ugh.

Not in denial, though I'm wading through treacle. Got to get my head back to where it needs to be.


  1. It's tough, and it's hard to put yourself first when things are affecting your family. When things get really tough I try to remember that I'm not the only who is going through this and I won't be the last. Take care of yourself, if you're run down and sick it won't benefit anyone. *hugs*

  2. If you're feeling stressed because of what life is throwing at you and yours, take a moment to put on some nice soothing music, light some incense, and do a 15 min. stretch session. Works for me every time. ^_^

  3. Two words: Wii Fit.

    And lots of Love. Look after yourself, concentrate on how beautiful you already are and how far you've come. Make an effort to look good until you can get back to running, because if you feel good in yourself you're less likely to turn to food.

  4. Forgot to include *broken Wii* on my list of stuff. 0_0

    Very not helping.

    You're right though Elaine, until I start thinking of myself as someone I want to look after and like, I'm not going to.