Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going back, head held high.. well, as high as a shortarse can..

It's Thursday, meeting day. I'm going. Though it's not going to be pretty. Been 2 months since I went, and I'll be about a stone heavier.

*BUT* I am making it work this time. I'm counting calories using myfitnesspal - please add me as a friend if you're there - as well as tracking propoints.

Since Sunday morning I have been wheat free, have stuck to my propoints *and* to my calories. I can do this. Being weirdly structured works. I have mega control issues with eating, so to suddenly become 'healthy' doesn't really work. If I do manage it, it takes a LOT of mental energy. Reckon if I make it simple it'll help. So I'm eating the same stuff every day. Going to do it for 2 weeks and see how I feel. Cook for myself entirely seperately, so I don't see any other stuff as food.

I'll be working out a daily plan that means I get 5 a day, oil, 2 lots of dairy and sufficient protein. While sticking to both my propoint and calorie allowance.

Breakfast - Yoghurt with granola & honey. Fruit. (Or omelette with veg & ham)
Lunch - Ham/Chicken with salad. (Or soup)
Dinner - Beef strip stir fry with mix veg and sour cream. (Or fish with potatoes and seasonal veg)
Extras - snack on fruit. 5-10 propoints a day for 'treats' such as booze, a choc bar/dessert or something different to snack on (eg hummus dip)

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