Friday, January 28, 2011

New diet plan - get body-modding

Monday afternoon I parted with £50 - part as a deposit for my tat done yesterday, partly as payment to *finally* redo my tongue piercing.
I had it done first when I was 15, it grew out when I was 6 months pregnant with Seth and it's one Ive always, always wanted to get re-pierced. Favourite piercing in the whole world.

My sister and I went on Monday and walked out lisping at each other about milkshakes and ice. 4 days on and I'm still blending everything that I need to consume. It's making sticking to my calories easier, as I can't just grab and munch.

Starting to really go down now, thought I remembered it taking 2 weeks before, but I was younger, and drinking & smoking a fair amount..

To add insult to injury I got the tat done yesterday afternoon. A couple of wince worthy patches on the shoulder blade, but only took 1.5 hours to finish, so not bad at all. Did mean I turned up at weigh in with blood coming through the back of my top, worried the leader a bit..
It's the greek for 'Zoe', I've spent 7 years promising myself I'd do it. Finally saved the cash and followed through for myself. Hoping 2011 is the year for fulfilling promises to myself.

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