Monday, January 24, 2011

Ran. I really ran.

Been putting it off for weeks. Dreading how slow/painful it'd be after months of not running.

Bit the bullet last night, laced myself up, got the iPod set up and went.

The c25k app reckoned I'd covered 3.2miles in 28minutes. Pretty sure the GPS must be *really* wonky, because I know the hill is 2 miles down and back.

Still, I ran, a hill. In a month I'll be doing 5k again, just got to keep at it now.


  1. YAY, JOY!!! YAY!!! Way to go! Waiting for my broken toe to heal then I'll join you.

  2. Yeay! Go you.

    I need my motivator back, I'm really out of shape. Especially with Robin. Especially as he's bigger and heavier now.

    I'd like to run the Race for Life 10k later this year. Maybe the 5k too...
    Are you doing either? Wanna join forces?

  3. Just realised, if you reply to this I'll probably never see it lol - I've got hopeless at checking blogs!

  4. I'm using this same app too. The GPS is a little wonky - uses sateltite points and often mucks it up a tad lol. I'm on week 6 day 3 (running 25mins now). AMAZING how far I've progressed. I'm in awe of myself. Ok, so I'm slow, but I'm at least running!