Saturday, January 22, 2011

week 125 - following through.

I said I'd go, and I did.


Counting calories alongside seems to be helping. Interestingly, another member at the meeting voiced her concerns that by eating all her points, she was taking in too many calories. One day this week I had only used about 12 propoints, but that was 1300 calories. To eat another 26, I'd have eaten up to 4,000 calories. That's without using any flex points!!


  1. Wow, a fab loss, well done!! I dont get propoints, a friend and I were discussing the other day and we think its designed to be difficult to do without using your weekly allowance, meaning it will take longer to loose weight - meaning you'll be going to WW for longer, meaning more money for WW. Im sticking to the old points, and although i only started it today, i already feel more in control!

  2. Totally Gemma, I'm not at all convinced. My leader doesn't get it - just the stock line 'WW have put a lot of research and money into this, they're not going to get it wrong'.

    I think upping protein and fibre is excellent. BUT if following it blindly (which we are) means that we don't see where/why we may be going wrong, then it's a BAD SYSTEM. I think calories need to be taken into account as well.