Thursday, January 27, 2011

week 126 - you get what you put in,

Stuck to my calories this week, continued to be a little more active. Cut the wheat. After losing 10lbs the previous week I was wary of aiming for the 3lbs weekly loss I'm hoping for, but it happened. ^_^

201lbs - down 3lbs this week
down 31lbs total.
49lbs to wedding goal
BMI - 35.6
17 weeks until the wedding

My *ultimate* goal would be to be in the 10 stone bracket for my sister's wedding. I know I'm still a bit plumper than I like at that weight, but I wouldn't feel conscious of it wearing the dress she's picked. That needs a 3lb loss pretty much every week. At a 1lb loss every week I'd be down to a 14, so either way a massive improvement on being a size 20 again.
Measured myself yesterday and I am now back to a 16. Thought as much after my new size 18 jeans (picked up for 2 quid at Sainsburys) kept falling down on Tuesday.

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