Saturday, February 12, 2011

week 128 - foolish fortnight

211lbs - up 10lbs this week
down 21lbs total
BMI - 36.8
15 weeks until the wedding

A week of following weightwatchers propoints *but* eating wheat, and then another week of sulking at the result.
I don't get propoints, they really haven't allowed for people who eat low carb anyway. They need to factor in calories somewhere in the calculating I think.

Went shopping and for lunch on Oxford Street with my sister on Thursday, and felt horridly bloated after eating. Enough is enough.

Back to calorie counting.

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  1. Propoints haven't worked for anyone I know. They all went back to the olds points system. Propoints allows for way too many calories for someone to be able to lose weight. My friend is convinced it is a business ploy, so that people lose weight slower. If that's true, it's really sad.