Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 months, to do 30 things, before I am 30.

In 30 months' time I will turn 30. I thought it'd be fun to give myself a list of things I'd LOVE to have achieved by then. (Not all of them are weight related, wahey!)

1. Run 10k
2. Be a healthy weight
3. "Go Ape"
4. Learn to drive 
5. Do a Triathon
6. Spartan Race
7. Swim in the sea
8. Volunteer regularly
9. Attend Olympics
10. Take kids camping
11. Music festival
12. Go technology free for a weekend
13. Ice skate at Christmas
14. Go on a London Tour bus
15. See the Northern Lights
16. Fast for 30 hours
17. Be part of a flash mob
18. Moonwalk
19. Geocache
20. Learn First aid 
21. Participate in a protest
22. Spend New Years Eve in the capital
23. Go to midnight screening, dressed up as a character
24. Do a charity fun run - edit "Gorilla Run"?
25. Have 80's TV sleeve 
26. Plant a tree
27. Take up Archery
28. Knit something wearable
29. Steward an event
30. Be in a TV audience

Friday, March 18, 2011

how's that for going for it?

Wii has been back a week and I've logged 3.5 hours so far. Burned just over 1,000 calories on it. Nice and moderate. Another week or two and my piggy will be bronze again.

My core has improved, despite the weight and the wheat. Running and squatting is good for form.

But then I had an accident with some flapjack, and ate todays calories... ahem.

Still, think tomorrow will have a nice result. Definately down from last week, hope to be less than the 198.5lb I hit before that. No more 200lb+ results please!!

I've also, finally, made an appointment to talk to a GP about the chronic pain I'm in. Though it's a lot worse when I eat wheat, it's never totally gone. Today I have been in real pain. Barely able to stand at points because my feet and back hurt so much. My hands are stiff and ache. I'm in my 20s, this is not getting better. *Strop* Anyway. Going to go and talk about possible ways to get it under control, and see if I can get an official Drs order to not eat wheat to help my head do as it's told!


Just saw my sister - it's 10 weeks tomorrow until her big day!! I really do need to get a grip and promise myself 10 weeks straight of 1200cal days. If I do that, I will see a big difference in my shape on the day. At my projected weight I am a size 14, and not obese, well into just plain old 'overweight'. I deserve to not cringe in horror at the sight of myself in the pictures.

Monday, March 14, 2011


The Wii is back ^_^

After 6 months of being without it, it's had a HUGE welcome home party. All our data went though, so my FitCash is lost and my halfway-to-gold piggy reset. Banked an hour on it already, and am racing Seth to get to Bronze first.

Went to try wedding cake with my sister today. It was very yum, 5 finger slices of scrummy sponge instead of breakfast!

Didn't weigh myself on Saturday, knew after the wheat binge and period bloat it'd just knock me down. Jumped on the scales today and I was just a lb up from last week, will hit the 13s this weekend. Then it's just 10 weeks until the big day!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


been a rollercoaster few days for me, food wise. Have really struggled to track, and had nearly no control. Been a bit scary. I've eaten wheat, chocolate, biscuits (which I don't even really like) pastry... you name it, I ate it.

Slacked off my run yesterday, and not stayed properly hydrated. I've felt shattered the last couple of days, joints aching and my hair and skin looks awful.

Just about to come on the blog to sob at myself, but then popped on the scales. Back up 4lb. Boo.

Headed to the bathroom, and a BIG reason for all these symptoms showed up. Checked the calendar, yup, 28 days since my last menses. D'uh. I'm a grown woman of 27 and I still get thrown by it.

So, I know that the hormonal stuff will be better tomorrow, I felt significantly better this afternoon anyway. The Wii has been fixed and is on the way back to us now. Sam is going to join me in eliminating wheat, hoping it will be of benefit in treating his colitis.

Things are looking up. Hoping to still have good news come Saturday. 60 whole hours is a long time when you've got a fire under your arse. ^_^

Monday, March 07, 2011

Late weigh in...

But I broke that 200lb barrier ^_^

Back at 198.5 as of Saturday morning.

198.5lbs - down 1.5lbs this week
down 33.5lbs total
BMI - 33.9
12 weeks until the wedding

Even *more* exciting, I dropped an extra BMI point just by getting measured!

I stopped growing at a youngish age, hitting a (not so) high of 5'3" in my early teens.

Lately I've thought people seemed less tall, things were easier to reach etc. Got measured last week and found I've grown to a whopping 5'4 (and a quarter) !! Yay.

Not likely to happen again though, so better keep plugging at watching the amount I'm eating, and getting fitter. Am back on week 5 of the C25K, and slowly getting my running feet back. Aiming to be in the 13 stones next weigh in, needs a 3lb loss this week.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Queue moan

I am 3 people from getting in the door, was meant to start 30mims ago.

Overhearing lots of people moaning about ProPoints not working for them.

Not regretting cancelling my subscription - this is the 2nd to last class before my MP runs out.

Going to come back every couple of months, until I get to gold, and use that when it comes to maintenance.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Breaking the (bad) habit

Okay, two birds. One stone.

Thing I need to do - stop eating wheat.
Reason I have to *not* begin right now? My week for eating/weighing etc does not start on a Tuesday. I am in the middle of a week, if I were to drop wheat now it would 'mess up' the week results..

0_0 .... Oy.

So, March 1st. Brand new month, brand spanking new spring month. As of right now, I am wheat free. Forget about the weight stuff for a second, I *still* need to be wheat free. So I'm doing it now.

I'm wondering why I'm feeling so knackered, but have been eating so much gluten it's unreal. D'uh.
Have had a weird 10 days, really struggling with binge-ache. I don't know what else to call it. It's like there's a monster in my head that just wants to EAT. I'm using nearly all my energy fighting it, the whole time I'm awake.

I wish I knew why I have these issues. I don't think I had a traumatic childhood, I was fed properly, not called names, not put on fad diets, got plenty of exercise. I was a healthy kid. Sure, I remember thinking I was fat as a teen - but that meant I was a size 12 rather than a ten, and I stopped using sugar in my tea! At college I used to have a slimfast shake for breakfast, but that was about getting something into me first thing, rather than trying to cut back on calories.

I lost 2 stone in the months before my wedding - I'd gone to Uni and in my first term got up to 157lb.
I maintained my weight easily until after I lost Zoe, then crept back up to 160lbs. Got back down to the 140lb mark as I fell pregnant with Seth. After the birth of each of my children, I've put on weight. Not during the pregnancy, but after. Why? I hear of so many women gaining weight during pregnancy. I tend to come out at 1-2lbs different. Then pile it on.

I am feeling so run down at the moment, so lost and tired. Getting anything done is a struggle. Constantly tired and feeling like I'm not managing the most simple aspects of normal life.

To top things off, this weekend I'm poorly. Headcold followed by shakey achey body. I've been eating pastry and chocolate and put on 2lb. At least I've spent a lot of energy trying to battle the binge-monster, and have tracked what has gone in.

This Saturday will be 12 weeks to the wedding, 7 weeks til the hen night (yay!) I want to be under 200lbs. I've stuck to drinking 2 litres of water a day, so that's something. I'd gone out running 3x last week, need to go out again this week. Aiming for 1200cals a day.

I've just had a salad for lunch. A salad. While poorly and flu-ey. Salad. I deserve to be healthy!! ^_^