Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 months, to do 30 things, before I am 30.

In 30 months' time I will turn 30. I thought it'd be fun to give myself a list of things I'd LOVE to have achieved by then. (Not all of them are weight related, wahey!)

1. Run 10k
2. Be a healthy weight
3. "Go Ape"
4. Learn to drive 
5. Do a Triathon
6. Spartan Race
7. Swim in the sea
8. Volunteer regularly
9. Attend Olympics
10. Take kids camping
11. Music festival
12. Go technology free for a weekend
13. Ice skate at Christmas
14. Go on a London Tour bus
15. See the Northern Lights
16. Fast for 30 hours
17. Be part of a flash mob
18. Moonwalk
19. Geocache
20. Learn First aid 
21. Participate in a protest
22. Spend New Years Eve in the capital
23. Go to midnight screening, dressed up as a character
24. Do a charity fun run - edit "Gorilla Run"?
25. Have 80's TV sleeve 
26. Plant a tree
27. Take up Archery
28. Knit something wearable
29. Steward an event
30. Be in a TV audience

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