Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Breaking the (bad) habit

Okay, two birds. One stone.

Thing I need to do - stop eating wheat.
Reason I have to *not* begin right now? My week for eating/weighing etc does not start on a Tuesday. I am in the middle of a week, if I were to drop wheat now it would 'mess up' the week results..

0_0 .... Oy.

So, March 1st. Brand new month, brand spanking new spring month. As of right now, I am wheat free. Forget about the weight stuff for a second, I *still* need to be wheat free. So I'm doing it now.

I'm wondering why I'm feeling so knackered, but have been eating so much gluten it's unreal. D'uh.


  1. Any particular reason for Not eating wheat ?

  2. Yes - wheat = bloat. Most everyone I know who has dropped wheat from their diet has lost lbs and felt a lot more energised for it.
    I can eat 1800 cals a day, but cut wheat and I still lose 7-10bs in a week.

    I have wheat intolerance, it makes my arthritis worse, IBS worse, etc etc. I just need to not eat it. But it's a big trigger food for me, and I LOVE it. Ugh.