Wednesday, March 09, 2011


been a rollercoaster few days for me, food wise. Have really struggled to track, and had nearly no control. Been a bit scary. I've eaten wheat, chocolate, biscuits (which I don't even really like) pastry... you name it, I ate it.

Slacked off my run yesterday, and not stayed properly hydrated. I've felt shattered the last couple of days, joints aching and my hair and skin looks awful.

Just about to come on the blog to sob at myself, but then popped on the scales. Back up 4lb. Boo.

Headed to the bathroom, and a BIG reason for all these symptoms showed up. Checked the calendar, yup, 28 days since my last menses. D'uh. I'm a grown woman of 27 and I still get thrown by it.

So, I know that the hormonal stuff will be better tomorrow, I felt significantly better this afternoon anyway. The Wii has been fixed and is on the way back to us now. Sam is going to join me in eliminating wheat, hoping it will be of benefit in treating his colitis.

Things are looking up. Hoping to still have good news come Saturday. 60 whole hours is a long time when you've got a fire under your arse. ^_^

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