Friday, March 18, 2011

how's that for going for it?

Wii has been back a week and I've logged 3.5 hours so far. Burned just over 1,000 calories on it. Nice and moderate. Another week or two and my piggy will be bronze again.

My core has improved, despite the weight and the wheat. Running and squatting is good for form.

But then I had an accident with some flapjack, and ate todays calories... ahem.

Still, think tomorrow will have a nice result. Definately down from last week, hope to be less than the 198.5lb I hit before that. No more 200lb+ results please!!

I've also, finally, made an appointment to talk to a GP about the chronic pain I'm in. Though it's a lot worse when I eat wheat, it's never totally gone. Today I have been in real pain. Barely able to stand at points because my feet and back hurt so much. My hands are stiff and ache. I'm in my 20s, this is not getting better. *Strop* Anyway. Going to go and talk about possible ways to get it under control, and see if I can get an official Drs order to not eat wheat to help my head do as it's told!


Just saw my sister - it's 10 weeks tomorrow until her big day!! I really do need to get a grip and promise myself 10 weeks straight of 1200cal days. If I do that, I will see a big difference in my shape on the day. At my projected weight I am a size 14, and not obese, well into just plain old 'overweight'. I deserve to not cringe in horror at the sight of myself in the pictures.

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  1. Good luck with everything! Congratulations to your sister. I am sure regardless you will look wonderful on that day :)