Thursday, May 26, 2011


Absolute top weight 234lb

Weight Goals:

lose the weight of eldest child (67lbs)
30% goal - fifth stone (164)
Lose 'The Things' (73lbs)
75 lbs off (159)
sixth stone (150) 
WW goal for gold membership (bmi 24.9)
Rhinoboy and a Thing 
40% goal 93.5lbs off - (140.5) 
seventh stone (136) 
100lbs off
wedding dress weight (as of final fitting) (129)
Emoboy and a Thing
50% goal (117) 

Fitness Aims:
Wii piggy Bronze July 17th 2011
Wii piggy Silver
Wii piggy Gold
BMI 'severely obese', not morbidly obese June 25th 2012
BMI obese, not 'severly obese' October 8th 2012
BMI overweight, not obese January 7th 2013
BMI "healthy"
Run 20 minutes straight December 20th 2012
Run 30 minutes straight & Run 5k Both(!) December 30th 2012
Complete C25K 5th January 2013
Super Sprint Triathlon December 28th 2012
Complete B210K 
100 press ups
200 sit ups

150 dips 13th February 2013
200 squats
complete 30 day shred 
September 2011
Sprint Triathlon

Clothes/size goals:

Out of joggers and back into 18s August 25th 2012
Bye bye loose linen old-lady stuffs - back into 16s November 18th 2012
size 14 - I have more than one pair of trousers again December 27th 2012
size 12 - it's like I have a wardrobe or something!
size 10, the clothes I adore 
Back into my wedding dress

Waist under 40" 
Waist under 32" (no longer "high risk" for diabetesJanuary 7th 2013
Waist in the 20s
Waist <27 font="font">
Waist-to-hip ratio <0.8>
Waist-to-hip ratio <0.7>
Hips under 40" 

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