Tuesday, June 28, 2011

48 hours of normal

I'm beginning to feel it. Another day of bone-cracking pain, and feeling short tempered. I slumped at about 7pm tonight, could easily have gone binge-y. Very glad I'd spent half an hour with my relaxation track on the iPod first thing today, so the subconscious 'nooo, don't do it' kicked in.

Chucked play-doh at the kids and lay down for 40 minutes while they played, two hours on they're all bathed, teeth brushed and asleep. I'm feeling knackered but content.

Feet were in agony today, as I'd worried they'd be. Only had to walk the girls to their dance class (40 minute round trip) so thought I'd struggle hitting the goal on the pedometer. Near doubled it though (at my size it wants just 3,984 steps a day).

8397 steps.
Ate 36/36 daily propoints (1576 calories)
6 fruit&veg portions
drunk 2 litres of water.

Really looking forward to the tail end of this week, once I'm less of a loose canon!

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