Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day One

Oof I was a miserable cow yesterday. By mid afternoon I was so tightly wound I was near tears and full of rage. My body was aching, I felt 'hungry' and every little thing set me off.

Stuck to plan though, used my newly bought pedometer to track steps, and even starting mid-point of the day I hit my target steps.

Ate 33/36 daily propoints (1276 calories) and drunk just under 2l of water.

Went to bed feeling hungry, but it was 1am! Looking at the scales) I know, I know - I promise I won't be using jumping on/off the scales for activity points) there's been a significant drop for the effort already!

Far less busy day today, so my bruised aching feet might get a rest. Just want another day of feeding steps to the pedometer, and not-too-much to me.

Had Sam take some pictures yesterday - one thing I never had were honest, full bodied 'me at 16 stone' photos - now I do.

I feel so sad and sorry looking at what I've done to myself - that's after I'd taken off the thick cardigan (for hiding those yucky arms). I want to ENJOY next summer, wear floaty, loose comfy summery stuff like a 20-something should. Get a tan. Go swimming.

I'm paying too high a price eating this way. I know how good I can feel, I'm going to get there.

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