Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump day

From past experience I was expecting today would be likely to be harder. The third day slump.

I was knackered by 11am, and wanted to fall asleep on the sofa. I'd eaten nearly all my ProPoints by 2pm and felt so hungry. Realised that I have the weekly 49 I can dig into, and so I did. A decent dinner of king prawns, stir fry veg and sour cream helped me perk up too.

Considering how tired I was I'm really pleased at how hard I fought to not binge today. \Even if I did let the sandpit and crafting box look after the smalls today so I could pad about in PJs.

5496 steps.
Ate 36/36 daily propoints and 16 weekly points (1947 calories)
5 fruit&veg portions
2.25 litres of water.

Beginning to think about methods for staying in control this weekend. Sam's mum is 60 this weekend, and we'll be spending Saturday dinner at her house, then have a family picnic planned for Sunday. If I was to eat as the rest will, I'd likely regain any loss I've had.

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