Monday, June 27, 2011

If it ain't broke...

From Dec '08 to July '09 I went almost every week (only storms and holidays stopped me) to the Monday am group. In that time I went from 201lbs to 148lbs. Not too shabby.

Since then I've stop-started several times. Attempts at alternative diets/meetings, lots of success and then letting it slip. Over and over again. That is over now. I'm back to the morning meeting which worked so well for me. There's some women I know from before, and being welcomed back felt fab. We've a new leader, young and bouncy and totally a fit for where my head is at - she's been there 12 weeks and has had a total group loss of 650lbs so far.

Weighed in today at  231lbs - 16stone 7lb - just 1lb under my top ever weight, and I probably sweat off that 500g walking to group in the 35deg heat with my 'I'm too fat' cardi on!

5% goal is 15st 9lb (12lb loss) I *so* want to pull that out of the bag week 1!!

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