Friday, July 29, 2011

27 dresses revisited

11 months ago I made a promise/challenged myself to change the way I treated my body. To fake it until I made it confidence-wise, and wear clothes that I like, rather than hiding away behind old baggy jeans and slobby jumpers.

I had been following through, until April when my weight shot up and I went all hermit.

Over the last couple of weeks, I can feel the urge to wear stuff I like getting stronger again, and I remembered this 27 dress idea.

Dress 1  27+68days
Dress 2  27+77days
Dress 3  27+81days
Dress 4  27+82days
Dress 5  27+83days
Dress 6  27+86days
Dress 7  27+89days
Dress 8  27+108days
Dress 9  27+130days
Dress 10 27+139days
Dress 11 27+145days
Dress 12 27+152days
Dress 13 27+159days

So 14 dresses to go, (only counting dresses, not skirts and I have to wear them *out*) I'll definately be wearing this one in a few lbs' time, remember feeling amazing that day.

As it's a frocking Friday, I suppose I'd better make #14 happen today, get over that halfway line, less than 2 months to wear another 14. Eeek.

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