Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lands End to John O'Groats

I reckon I can walk the equivalent distance in my daily life by the end of the year - chucked a counter doobry on the sidebar to track my progress. ^_^

Did c25k week 1 day 2 tonight, felt better than the first run already. Going out in the light at 7pm was a huge step. People would see me, and my flab, and be able to judge. But getting better means getting out there. So I did.

Every time I felt like stopping, or worried that I'd be seen, I reminded myself of this picture. I'm guessing this woman is taller than me - so it makes a very good motivational pic for me. I want my body to be well. Running is strengthening the muscle, burning the fat. I have given my poor body so much to fight, now I'm on the same side. No more seeing it as the enemy, it's my best ally and I'm going to fight every inch for it.

Friday -
9541 /4404steps (4 miles)
32/32 propoints (1278/1250 cals)

Saturday -
14358/4404steps (6.2 miles)
31/32 propoints (1043/1250 cals)

Sunday -
14589/4404steps (6.4 miles)
31/32 propoints (1043/1250 cals)


  1. You know what? If I ever see an overweight person out running or exercising, I don't judge or joke, but I *do* think 'Yes! Go you, you can do this'
    People can make fun of the fat as much as they like, but really I don't think many will actually take the pee out of someone *changing* that - in fact I'll bet there's a load of skinnies out there secretly envious and flabbergasted that someone bigger can do what they can't!


  2. PS, have to go anon as blogger doesn't seem to like me logging in anymore! Wondered why I've been quiet?

  3. I did do a double take and wonder what was going on with all the anon! :D

    Should be more descriptive I guess - where I'm running there's loads of teenagers hanging out, and they're likely to yell abuse, but that's why I have loud music! Heh.

    Is all about *my* irrational fear. Excuses my head makes to try and get out of changing maybe? I don't know.. but I'm aware that how I am thinking is changing. Slowly. Meantime all my annoying, ridiculous, self-blocking traits are being outed here!