Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another rocking weekend.

Saturday - Hugely underate today, but was out and not able to eat until 8pm, and then had a muller rice and just wasn't hungry. I know eating too little is bad, but I had planned to eat 34 propoints/1294cals - I had my omlette before leaving the house at 8.30am, went to get my newest ink-baby. Then went to meet friends at a park - I took fridgeraiders chicken out for a lunchy snack, but then went to a BBQ (all wheaty) before going back to MILs until 8pm. The kids and Sam ate there, but I assumed we'd be back early enough for me to eat at home. We got in at 8pm, the kids needed to be got ready for bed and by then I was past hungry, so I'm hoping I haven't fecked things up.

13293/4261 steps
22/34 daily propoints (855/1300 calories)

Sunday - A 'not very busy, but seem to have done lots' day. Went with the girls' to the local shops for milk. Went and looked at the bees in a GIANT bush of lavendar on a neighbours drive. Took twins down via my parents' to the local park and looked at the ongoing transformation of the playground. Went searching for crickets and grasshoppers. Looked at blackberry bushes and talked about the cycle it goes through each year.
Will be getting up at 6am each weekday now, to feed Sam before he leaves, hoping the routine will be a help for my keeping on track.

11780/4261 steps
32/34 daily propoints (1244/1300 calories)

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