Sunday, July 31, 2011


Jumped on the scales this morning and nearly burst into tears. I've worked so hard this week and just 0.5lb off. :(

I spent a few seconds beginning to think how I could just eat anything right now as I'd fecked up my week anyway, but quickly caught myself. Realised that this happened last week and I *did* have a decent loss the next day. I'd been out for a long day in the heat and was probably retaining water.

Planned my day food wise, and stuck to it. This evening the scales are showing me a 2.5lb loss. Big Grin.

I spent today feeling very anxious, literally sick with adrenaline. I was going to my Grandma's with my dad, brother and the twins. I find it stressful as she is liable to get difficult, mean even, and snaps without much warning. Usually has a go about my weight/clothes/hair/existence. Today I was tutted at and mocked for NOT EATING the following - dorito's, a pizza, a pasty, a sandwich, chocolate biscuits, 38% liquer, ice cream. 

Still, I let the nastiness roll off me and recognised it as her issue, not mine. Enjoyed watching the girl's play and wandering about the beach looking for crabs before heading home. Didn't get close to 10,000 steps today, but after nearly 30k yesterday, I'm feeling OK with that!

Sunday - 
6044/4489steps (2.5 miles)
29/32 propoints (1144/1230 cals)  


  1. She senile or something?? Some crabby old bats just go beyond belief (((hugs))) well done you!

    Next time, spend your time there texting or online with someone supportive ;-) I'll volunteer if needed!


  2. Think she may be. Since I posted this I've spoken to my mum, who had a phonecall saying I'd said all sorts that I hadn't. She's gone a bit further down the rabbit hole I reckon...

    Would *love* to see the look on her face if I pulled out my phone to start texting. May go again just to do that...