Sunday, July 24, 2011

catching up with the yeti

It's been ages since I'd had energy to sort my health, never mind Sam's. Since the week before he went back to work (he's been there 3 weeks now - it's whizzing by at a nice steady, ordered pace) I've been fully responsible for *all* of his food. I've made his breakfast omlette before he leaves at 6.30am, and he gets a salad or jacket spud for lunch, then eats with the kids at about 5.30pm. He's been pretty much wheat free (he's still learning so an occasional blip) walking 2.5 miles a day and drinking water and tea instead of fizzy drinks.

He'd gone back up to 19.5 stone (273lb again) but weighed in yesterday at 18st8 (260lb) 13lb in 4 weeks with no tracking is no bad thing! He's already started to stop eating when full, and without realising he's moving more (and is so much more patient with the kids!) He even mentioned wanting to go to the gym again the other day. 0_0

Hoping to keep him on track for a 2lb loss each week without making him feel like he's dieting. Another 50lbs until he's at 15stone and a BMI of 24.9 - At a rate of 2lb a week, he could be there for Kai's 5th birthday. I've got 64lb to go to get to the equivalent BMI.. I reckon it's an awesome long term goal! 25 weeks to go!

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