Friday, July 08, 2011


Two days of feeling run down and poorly-sick. Plus horrendous amounts of rain and the girls' getting a cold too. So I've not walked much - BUT I have stuck to plan, drunk my water and done the pedometer-recommended steps.

Going out tomorrow, to meet with a friend and her family as they travel back up to Yorkshire from France. Quick picnic and play at Priory park.
Hoping to get to Reigate early enough to get started on the tattoo I'm getting to celebrate my weightloss. For each stone lost (14lbs) I'm getting a butterfly, will result in a trail of 7 butterflies once I hit 'healthy'. I'm hoping to get each shaded in the colours of the rainbow - the tattoo will be a promise to myself as well as a symbol of my transformation.

Thursday -
5432/4261 steps
34/34 daily propoints (1283/1300 calories)

Friday -
5282/4261 steps
34/34 daily propoints (1294/1300 calories)

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